Water Proofing

A revolutionary range of hi-tech products, tailor-made to address specific dampness problems and waterproofing needs for your homes.

  1. Exterior Dampness
  2. Interior Dampness


  • Appearance of ugly damp patches on terraces
  • This leads to dampness problems like paint peeling, damp stains on the ceiling below this terrace.
  • The reason can be manifold.
  • Improperly fitted drain pipes or blocked outlets.
  • Water accumulation and subsequent pent up water pressure due to improperly sloped terraces.
  • Gaps between the slabs on the parpet walls.
  • Ensure that the drain water pipes are not clogged and there are enough outlets for the water to drain off.
  • Seal the gaps on the parapet walls using a suitable sealer
  • Treat all the visible cracks using SmartCare Crack Seal
  • Enveloped the terrace, including the parpets, using SmartCare Damp Proof for complete waterproofing

Exterior walls

  • Appearance of dampness problems on walls that are directly exposed to rain. These problems appear on both interior and exterior walls.
  • Growth of algae and weed on the building surfaces.
  • Joint and surface cracks that develop as the building ages or due to exposure to elements or due to poor quality masonry.
  • These are prime breeding grounds for algae and weed.
  • Water enters the substrate through these cracks.
  • Incessant rainfall that results in the wear and tear of exterior paint film.
  • Treat all the plaster cracks of up to 3mm width with SmartCare Crack Seal. For structural cracks, employ the services of a competent civil contractor.
  • Waterproof the exterior walls with SmartCare Damp Proof. Follow this up with two coats of a Ultima of desired shade.
  • Appearance of ugly damp patches on terraces.


  • Ugly dark patches on sunshades and on areas near it.
  • Appearances of dampness problems like flaking, peeling, bubbling on internal walls close to the area where sunshades are present.
  • Accumulation of water due to improper slopes of sunshades.
  • Cracks at the joints between the wall and the sunshades.
  • Clean the surface and fill up the cracks at the joints of the walls and sunshades with SmartCare Crack Seal.
  • Waterproof the exposed surfaces of the sunshades with SmartCare Damp Proof.

Skirting Areas

  • Tide marks on walls at a height of around 1 m.
  • Dampness problems like damp patches or paint peeling or flaking or efflorescence on these walls.
  • In areas of high water table levels, ground water rises up the substrate through an experienced waterproofing engineer.
  • In case of severe cases, get a Damp Proof Course done through an experienced waterproofing engineer.
  • Treat the affected area with SmartCare Damp Block for effective and lasting waterproofing.

Bathroom / Toilet Adjacent Walls

  • Dampness problems on these walls in the form of damp patches, ugly satins, paint peeling, flaking efflorescence etc.

  • Continuous presence of water on bathrooms and toilets.
  • Gaps between tiles and at the wall-floor joint through which water penetrates.
  • Faulty plumbing.
  • Use a suitable treatment like tile grout or white cement to plug the gaps between tiles.
  • Employ the services of a plumber and ensure that there are no leakage issues in any of the concealed pipes.
  • Treat the affected area with SmartCare Damp Block for effective and lasting waterproofing.

Areas Near Kitchen Sink

  • Appearance of ugly stains and patches on the walls below the sink as well as on the opposite side.

  • Leaking pipes and faulty plumbing of the kitchen sink.
  • Ascertain whether the leak is a supply leak or a drain leak and accordingly get it fixed by a plumber.
  • Treat the affected area with SmartCare Damp Block for effective and lasting waterproofing.

Exterior Facing Wall

  • Interior dampness problems such as damp stains, paint bubbling, paint flaking, efflorescence etc. on exterior facing walls

  • Water entering the building structure through surface and joint cracks
  • Wear and tear of the exterior paint film due to exposure to elements
  • Gaps between the window frame and the wall through which water penetrates into the wall
  • Plants/vegetation very close to the walls on the box grill
  • Treat all plaster cracks on interior and exterior walls with SmartCare Crack Seal
  • Waterproof the wall from exteriors with SmartCare Damp Proof
  • In case of window frames, check for gaps between the frame and the wall and seal the gap using suitable sealant
  • Ensure the plant pots are not very clost to the walls and there is suitable provision for the water to drain out
  • Treat the affected area on the interior walls with SmartCare Damp Block for effective and lasting waterproofing


  • Dampness problems such as damp stains, paint bubbling, paint flaking etc. on ceilings

  • Water seeping through and penetrating the structure from the floor above
  • In case of a terrace, improper slope results in water ponding that eventually seeps into the structure. Cracks at the joints, surface cracks, weak or damaged areas all facilitate water penetration
  • In case of a house above, continuous presence of water in bathroom, toilets, kitchen sinks, faulty plumbing all result in water ingress
  • The water pressure in these cases is very high due to the additional pull of gravity
  • There is no recommended treatment for seepage from ceiling on the negative side. The only solution will be to treat the actual source of water on the floor above.
  • In case of terrace above, envelope the entire terrace from parapet to parapet using SmartCare Damp Proof
  • If there is a toilet/bathroom on the floor above, remove the tiles and do waterproofing treatment by applying 2 coats of Damp Block and relay the tiles
  • In case of faulty plumbing, engage the services of a professional plumber and get the necessary repair work done


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