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Welcome to New VVBJP


It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the New VVB Jothiprakasam Paints Pvt Ltd. The objective of this website is to keep your browsers updated with the most recent developments and serve as a virtual store. This also provides the visitors with an insightful view about New VVBJP’s valuable offerings. This website is designed with almost care to enable user friendly and efficient access to information

From Chairman’s Desk

We had a dream. The dream of making our customers’ life’s colorful by providing for a transformation that would enable them to share moments of joy with their families and add up to a better quality of life. In a scenario where the customer had a few choices, our vision was to offer the highest quality brands at a reasonable price, caused with effective service to meet our customer’s expectations, and to exceed them.


Our Experience

We believe in team work which constantly motivates our personnel towards a better work environment.

Painting Products

Service is our competitive advantage and our service burls have always put us ahead of our competitors.

Our Store Place

We have a well equipped, state-of-the art store house capable of storing large volumes of paints.

Brands We Deal